Dianne Garland (SRN RM ADM PGCEA MSc)

Welcome to MidwifeExpert- an informative site explaining many aspects of the work of Dianne Garland. Having worked in the field of midwifery since 1983, Dianne has amassed a wealth of clinical, managerial and educational experience. In 2005 MidwifeExpert.com was launched to provide a platform of education and services in the midwifery sector..

My key areas of business include professional legal midwifery advice (expert witness), professional advisory role (APEC UK and international posts) worldwide lecturing, freelance writing and sales of "Midwife Means......with Woman" logo items.

My new book

The second edition of her world renowned waterbirth.
Completely updated chapters with current research and a wealth of new worldwide waterbirth stories.

Due for release in a couple of months.